Magnolia Park Estate


Magnolia Park Estate is the newest and most affordable Estate currently available in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

Your future investment portfolio is not complete until you key into this very promising piece of investment.

Location: Ode-Omi Ibeju Lekki. 15 minutes drive from La campaign Tropicana Beach Resort.

Title: SURVEY AND DEED OF ASSIGNMENT (No need for Excision).

Price: NGN550,000 per plot

Size: 600sqm per plot.

✅ Perimeter Fence
✅ Gate House
✅ Electricity
✅ Drainages
✅ Good Road Network
✅ Shopping complex
✅ Recreation Area

Daniel’s Garden

Daniel's Garden

Daniel’s Garden is inspired to be a sophisticated and luxurious home space that reflects inspiration and architecture. This housing court is structurally defined towards comfort, style for you and your family.


  • The rooms are all en-suite with a Family lounge, Living room, Guest toilet and a fitted kitchen.
  • Ample parking space for three (3) vehicles.
  • Security & CCTV.
  • 24hrs Power Supply.
  • Industrial borehole Water.
  • Security Guards.
  • Fully interlocked compound.
  • Green area.
  • Tarred and interlocked road from the Expressway.

Location: A few minutes before Chevron, Lekki, Lagos.

Price: NGN65,000,000
Initial Deposit: NGN30,000,000
Title: Governor’s Consent

Creek Avenue Court

Creek Avenue Court

These exquisite houses are elegantly and structurally designed to rejuvenate comfort, style and luxury just for you and your family.

The rooms are en-suite with a Family room, Living room, Guest toilet, spacious kitchen.
Ample parking space for up to three (3) vehicles.


  • Visitors car park
  • BQ en-suite
  • A perimeter fence enclosing the house.
  • Security & CCTV.
  • 24hrs Power Supply.
  • Industrial borehole Water
  • Fully interlocked compound.
  • Green area.
  • Tarred and interlocked road from the Expressway.

Location: After Chevron Toll gate, Ikota, Lekki, Lagos.

Price: NGN65,000,000
Initial Deposit: NGN30,000,000
Title: Governor’s Consent

Maplewoods 2 Estate, Ibeju-Lekki

Maplewoods 2

Maplewoods 2 is a guaranteed low-risk, high-returns real estate investment in Lagos, Nigeria’s new investment hub; Ibeju-Lekki.

Location: Shiriwon Town, Ibeju-Lekki.

Title: Lagos State Gazette No. 19 Vol. 40 of 22nd of February, 2007

Topography: 100% Dry
Allocation: Instant Physical Allocation

Price : NGN3.5 Million
Promo Price: NGN3 Million


  • Dangote Private Jetty
  • Lekki Free Trade Zone
  • Dangote Refinery
  • Lekki Deep Sea Port
  • Lekki Free Trade Zone
  • La Campaign Tropicana Beach Resort

Offer Ends: Friday 13th of December, 2019


Maplewoods 2 Estate Road  

Price Update on Lexington Gardens

Lexington Gardens Sangotedo, Lekki is now on new Promo Price of:

*NGN17,000,000 per plot (500sqm)*

*400sqm plot: NGN13,600,000*

*300sqm plot: NGN10,200,000*

*Flexible payment plan:

*500sqm Plot
4 months: NGN17,500,000.
Minimum initial deposit: NGN5,000,000 and spread balance within 3 months.400sqm plot
4 months: NGN14,100,000
Minimum Initial deposit: NGN5,000,000 and then spread balance within 3 months.

300sqm plot
4 months: NGN10,700,000
Minimum Initial deposit: NGN5,000,000 and then spread balance within 3 months.

Available Properties in Abuja


Centenary City Abuja was conceived few years ago to celebrate Nigeria’s 100 years anniversary in 2014. The developer of this Real Estate Project is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Centenary City is inspired by the beauty, miracle and magic of Dubai.

Aspire to own a property close to the Centenary City because Estates/Properties close the Centenary City are going to appreciate very soon. Here are the portfolios on a few available Estates close to Centenary City:

Cloud 9 Estate

Cloud 9 Estate is located at Kuje Sector B Arena. This Arena is about 7 minutes drive to The Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport and shares boundary with The Centenary City.

The Estate is also in proximity to the Central Business District.

It is currently Build-Able, ready Clients are advised to move to site and start construction.

Development Time for all Prototype Building is 2 years.

*Title: Certificate of Occupancy

*Plot size: 650sqm*

*Sale Price:* NGN3,500,000 per plot of land.

*Approved Structure:* 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex

*Plot size: 500sqm*

*Sale Price:* NGN3,000,000 per plot of land.

*Approved Structure:* 3 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex.

*Special Offer:* Pay NGN2,100,000 as initial deposit and move to site to start building.

Spread the balance over 12 months.

Tayan Homes

Tayan Homes is located in Kuje District, in a quiet and serene area.

*Title: Certificate of Occupancy

*Plot Size: 500sqm*

*Promo Price: NGN2,500,000 per plot of land*

*Approved Prototype:* 3 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex.

*Flexible 8 months Payments Plan: NGN500,000 initial deposit and NGN312,500 monthly in 8 months. Total NGN3,000,000.

Future Homes Estate

Future Homes is a land investment package in Kuchiyako Phase 4, Kuje Area Council of FCT. Apo-Kuje Dual carriageway running a few meters by Future Homes will be a great boost to your investment.

*Title: Right of Occupancy

*Special Sale Offer*

*Plot Size: 650sqm

Sale Price: NGN500,000 outright

*Plot Size: 500sqm

Sale Price: NGN400,000 outright.

Vegas Courts

Vegas Court provides opportunity for you to get a land and build a classy and timely house in an ever developing location in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory. Located at Lugbe Abuja, Vegas Court has a short proximity to the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road (Airport Road), providing easy access to the Airport, the Central Business District, shopping facilities, and other important facilities.

Vegas Court Phase 1

Vegas Court Phase 1 is adjacent to Dunamis Dome along Airport Road Lugbe.

You will be able to buy and build a fully detached duplex. Each Duplex will consist of an en-suite 4 Bedrooms, a Living Room, a Dining Area, a Kitchen, a built-in maid’s room, and parking space accommodating 4 cars.

*Title: Certificate of Occupancy

*Plot Size: *500sqm*

*Approved:* 4-5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with BQ

Outright Payment Price: NGN5,500,000

Vegas Court Phase 2

Vegas Court Phase 2 is behind Dunamis Dome, Close to Living faith church, Lugbe.

*Title: Certificate of Occupancy

*Plot Size: *500sqm*

*Approved Prototype:* 3 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex.

Outright Payment Price: NGN3,500,000

Flexible Payments Plan:

6 months: NGN1,155,000. Initial deposit (30%) and NGN384,000 monthly in 6 months.

Totalling *NGN3,850,000*.

12 months: NGN1,260,000. Initial deposit (30%) and NGN245,000 monthly in 12 months.

Totalling *NGN4,200,000*.

Rather than putting your money into savings account where you will not get high return, take the alternative approach today by acquiring land instead as an investment or simply to build your Starter-Home.

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Fresh Look at Frontier Estate

Further construction at Frontier Estate, Bogije, Lekki.

We have the daytime and nighttime view.

Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t be left in the dust. Don’t grind your teeth in the next few months that you let this opportunity pass you by.

Call our number on our contact page or send an email and let us do the rest.

Works Update on The Claridge II

Would you look at that! The Main Gate and Fence have gone up.

This is no joke or fraudulent activity. People are actively keying into the purchase of this property.

Call our number now to lock in your plot.

Remember the 10 Reasons to Invest in The Claridge II, Ibeju Lekki.

*Good Title
*Proximity to Key Developments
*Instant Allocation
*Security and Safety
*Good Accessibility
*Flexible Payment Plan
*Modern Estate Facilities
*Serene Environment
*Great Investment Opportunity



That most people who purchase lands in Lagos have little to no understanding of the meaning of the different Land Measurements.

As a potential buyer of a land you must be conversant with a few of these units.

Though the first hurdle is to understand the system of Land Measurements in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Land is measured in Hectares, Acres, Meters and Feet.

What is the size of a standard plot in Nigeria?

  • The size of a plot can vary for different reasons, but according to Nigeria’s Land Division, the appropriate plot for a house construction is 50 feet (ft) x 100ft which can accommodate a standard house with a small compound.

To better understand Land Divisions used in Nigeria, different metric units are used as follows:

  • Hectares (ha)

A hectare is one of the least known metric units and one which potential Buyers and Estate Developer seem to struggle with.

It is a land measuring 100 meters (m) x 100m or 328ft x 328ft or 10,000 square metres (sqm).

It is about two and half acres.

A Hectare consist of 15 plots.

  • Acre (a)

An Arce is a standard unit of measurement used by Land Sellers and it is almost equivalent to the size of a standard football field.

An Acre is a propduct of any rectangular plot of land giving a total of 4,046sqm or 43,560 square feet (sqft).

An Acre consist of 6 plots each measuring 6 x 120ft.

  • Feet (ft)

A feet is a unit of length in the Imperial Customary Systems of Measurement.

One foot (1ft), plural feet in measurement, is defined as 0.3048m exactly.

One (1) square foot (sqft) comprises of 0.09sqm

  • Meter (m)

Meter (m) is the fundamental unit of length in the metric system and in the International Systems of Units (SI).

It is equal to approximately 39.37 inches.

One meter (1m) comprises of 3.3ft.

In Lagos State, the standard size of a plot is 60 x 120ft (18m x 36m i.e 648sqm), while in some other cities of the country, plots are measured in 50 x100ft.

But the properties you would be buying in Lagos are 600sqm for full plot, while 400sqm is for half plot.

400sqm is regarded as half plot because 300sqm which is an exact half of 600sqm would provide a narrow fully detached building, and individuals buying from an estate would want to have their compound to themselves.

However, if you have a 600sqm you can build two (2) Semi Detached Duplexes on it and on 400sqm you can build one (1) fully Detached House on it.

A Semi Detached House means two (2) buildings side by side, a fully Detached House means a house standing on its on.

400sqm is 40 by 100ft

600sqm is 60 by 100ft

400sqm is smaller

600sqm is bigger

Lagos State Surveys measures 648sqm as a plot, but most Estates sell 600sqm in order to have set back.